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Africa parasite
An_249889 posted:
Hello,First of all I think everyone involved with this site is doing and amazing job and really helping people.
About two months ago I returned from East Africa. About mid way through my trip I started having weird muscle spasms all over my body. These spasms don't cause pain, but are more like a pulse or twitch. Once I got home twovmonths ago I started having more of these muscle twitches. The location of these weird muscle feeling are the upper arms, legs, perineum, sometimes face and tongue. 've even had a feeling of my testicle being pulled. being pulled. I have not felt weak or even gotten sick since I've been home. I run and work out almost every day still and havent noticed any weakness. I have noticed a little pain in my anus . I alos had quite a few headaches and I never been prone to these. I'm also having trouble sleeping because the symtoms get much much worst at night.

I am a worrier at times and have been very focused on everything on my body for the last two months, but this does not feel right.

Another friend was also with me for this trip and is having the same same symtoms .
I went to doctor and he said mite be bilharzia because I swam in fresh water. He gave me medicine for a one day dose. Took medicine and symtoms improved minimally for about a week. Other than that the doctos in my area know nothing about tropical diseases.
When I'm in Africa I live like a local. Eat local food every night. I shamefully ate pork almost every night. I know there is a long list of issues form uncooked pork. Specifically trichinellosis, and I know this lives in muscles.

Not sure if it is parasite related, but I've been doing a lot of research.
Thanks for the posts and happy new year to all!

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