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22 Years Old, Facial Hair Lacking Tremendously
An_250135 posted:
Hey Everyone,

So I just turned 22 back in September, and I've had a problem growing facial hair that has really been getting to me. It's not that I don't grow it, it's just that I have to shave maybe once to twice a month, and that's only because I get this horrible patchy stubble from under my chin and up to my mustache. I have the occasional dark hair on the sides of my jaw going out both sides, but they're so sparse and surrounded by white hairs still that it's really just embarrassing. I've had completely normal hair growth in other places, been having to manage my chest and pubic hairs for about 6 years now. The white hairs also grow back after I shave, which I guess is a good thing in a way since that means my follicles are still functioning, but still annoying.

I've never really felt like I should go to a doctor to check out my testosterone levels or anything, but at the same time I'm getting so self-conscious about this that it's something I'd like to fix if that were a possibility. I know there's no actual way to diagnose someone from here, but has anyone had this similar experience and developed hair eventually, or am I just doomed to have this awkward patchy facial hair forever? Considering I'm about to graduate from my university this semester and enter graduate school, I honestly have this image of myself as not being as mature as other guys my age because of this, and it's honestly really embarrassing. I just wanted to post this topic to help put my mind at ease, and hey, anyone else's that might be having the experience and needs to vent to other guys who get it.


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