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Chest pain/pressure, difficulty deep breathing getting worse over time
squiddog posted:
About 5 years ago I started noticing 2 things. First, I felt chest pressure, like someone was pushing on my chest, which led to the 2nd thing which is that it was difficult to get a FULL DEEP breath. I could breathe normally but I had to give some real effort to expand my chest enough to take a deep breath, although I could do it.

Over time it has gotten slowly worse, now there is a daily dull pain in my chest that I feel all day, from wake up to bedtime. I can still breathe normally but that elusive deep breath, I can barely achieve anymore, sometimes I can't at all. It really feels like pressure, like someone standing on my chest. My wife says she has noticed that I started taking sharp deep breaths for no reason out of the blue, I do not really notice when I do it.

I have been examined by my family doctor several times about this, and he has ordered all sorts of tests but found nothing of consequence. I do not know the names of all the tests but I have been in huge scanners, I did oxygen tests, EKG, I did a stress test once, and the obvious office visit type tests. From online research I figure he's doing all the tests a pulmonologist would do if I were to see one.

I am a 38 year old male, in decent health other than the fact that I gained a bit of weight over this time period (from say 227 to 250) but the symptoms were already starting before the weight gain.

Can anyone suggest a course of action here? Being only 38 and feeling like my body is already on the downswing is a major bummer. My mind is always distracted by this issue. I am exercising and eating better, losing weight, but it never really felt like this was THAT, although I guess time will tell if I ever get back to a healthy weight.

Thank you for your help.

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