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Dull/throbbing pain between anus and scrotum
An_205688 posted:
First, I know I should see a doctor about this but I do not have good health insurance right now.

This started about 2-3 weeks ago. I have a dull pain that is not constant on the left side, between my anus and scrotum sack. If I press near the tip of the pelvic bone, I can stimulate the pain. I feel the pain if I put pressure on the area or "suck in" my anus (not sure what the medical term for this is) and sometimes when walking or running. See the pic below, I circled the area where it feels like the pain is coming from.

- I dont feel a bulge, thought it could be a hernia

- It seems like the pain is internal

- I don't have any issues urinating, doesn't burn, and I the intervals haven't changed

- I have been having more bowels movements in the morning, but this could be due to me drinking more coffee lately

- I have no issues sexually, I can ejaculate just fine, no issues with erection, etc.

- I am active 3-4 days a week. I run/jog, play sports, and cycle.

- I have a desk job 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.

Sounds most like internal hemorrhoids, which can and should only be diagnosed by your doctor with an exam. Bad things do happen down there so even if you do not have insurance, you really should go see a primary care doctor for a quick exam. It is not that expensive- chances are a few meals out is more than this would be and well worth the peace-of-mind. Prostatitis would have lots of urinating symptoms. Good luck. YOu need to see a doctor even if you get better and the symptoms go away.
scottyQX2 replied to Sheldon_Marks_MD's response:
This sound like the same thing I have been dealing with for the past year or so just hoping it goes away on it's own but it hasn't yet. Did it turn out to be internal hemorrhoids or what?
wiyemb replied to Sheldon_Marks_MD's response:
It has only happened a few times but during stool movements I will get this sharp pain in my perineum so great its unexplained and I will put my hand down there and feel something rapidly expanding like if an artery is about to Burst. I apply pressure and rub circles and it goes away. happened like 2-3 times in last 5 years. Just happened 4 PM on 3/16/2013
randomly1992 replied to Sheldon_Marks_MD's response:
Excuse me, but if I have acute and sudden pain in the anus and testis..can that be internal hemorrhoid or prostate cancer. .?? Thanks in advance Dr

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