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doctor said something about rosacea?
An_250836 posted:
so i went to the doctor because i have alot of red dry skin dots all over my stomach and back, they are itchy; he said its a form of rosacea.

he said it will take 6 weeks for it to go away and it wont get on my neck or legs(bellow wheres shorts cover) and arms.
however, i do have it on my arms(not alot just some noticable by my biceps) a few on my neck that arent to noticable, and a few on each leg where you can see when i wear shorts.

im curious if his diagnosis is valid, because it seems like its just getting worse and not getting any better(been about 3-4 weeks having it).
and yes i do have one large "rash/red skin blob" on my hip where i guess it originated.

if more info is out there please let me know thankyou.
superbob1926 responded:

I have the same problem and am searching for an answer.
lcasav responded:
I've had facial rosacea for years and doctors said there was no cure for it. One dermatologist put me on 50 mg minocycline 2x daily and eventually rosacea was controlled by taking minocycline 2 to 3 times per week. I had found a solution a few years ago on the internet which cost me about $30.00; but I never tried it until recently. It's an over the counter product called L-Lysine. I took 500 mg twice a day and it started clearing up. I stopped the minocycline to see what would happen and my face still remained rosacea free. I actually have been off everything for a few weeks and still successful. The L_lysine makes sense since it build up immunities.

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