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    Exercise for Strength is good
    dimeboxdtm1 posted:
    I am just short of 70 and exercise 7 days a week. I walk daily for 60-70 minutes at a 3 1/2 mph pace. I do calesthenics 3 days a week including jumping jacks, pushups with feet elevated on a chair, stomach crunches, deep knee bends, leg lifts, and a few others. 3 days a week I lift weights. Have been following this routine for several years and don't plan to give it up. I was diagnosed with prostate cancer almost 2 years ago and have been following watchful waiting ever since. The cancer diagnosis prompted me to lose weight and after 15 months of dieting have lost 42 pounds. I feel great and so far the cancer has proven to be very slow growing.
    deadmanwalking57 responded:
    Get more tomatos and beets in your diet. I believe it is betaine and lutein that are very good for prostate health.

    A low fat diet, and more fruits and veggies will get you all kind of nutrients that will further improve your health. Try research on anti-cancer foods on WebMD and PubMED.

    Keep up the good effort.
    dimeboxdtm1 replied to deadmanwalking57's response:
    I eat tomatoes all the time and have been following a very healthy diet with lots of fruit, vegetables, chicken, white pork, and fish.
    adisonadley replied to dimeboxdtm1's response:
    Yes exercise not only help in increasing strength but also boost stamina and strengthen immunity system. Exercise reduce the risk of major health disease like hypertension, obesity, diabetes, certain types of cancer and cardiovascular disease.
    Napervillefitness boot camp
    nohard responded:
    Hi To help fight prostate cancer, get into cayenne pepper, have a look on your find lots of great info on how this helps you body, its good for the blood, cleans out the plaque, its good for your heart, and very good for your prostate.
    I have been on for over two years to help fight ED, along with other herbs and a hormone.
    Try this mix cayenne in tomato paste and thin with olive oil, at first you only mix to a heat that suits you, after time you can slowly build up the heat, you take 3 small spoonful's a day each morning is best just after you get up, wash each one down with water, after a couple of days you will fill very good.
    I also that very fine chopped garlic with it, in this I also put parsley, garlic and parsley help keep cholesterol down, you just put a small spoonful on top of the cayenne mix, mix into the top part your taken and away it goes, this combination is also very good for your blood, if it thickens up just keep adding olive oil, olive oil is high in omega 3, and olive oil is very good for you bones, this come in a new report.
    I do hope all this helps you.
    Good Luck

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