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Neck Pain
An_251058 posted:
Hello, I am new to this forum,
2000 I was handed a 750lb water heater out of the back of a delivery trtruck and felt 5 pops with in my neck and lots of pain, went to job care and they gave me vicodine and said it was a cervical strain, after seeing umteen speacialist one pointed out in my MRI that C-3 thourgh C-7, 3,4 and 5 being the worst, left hand numb, several facett blocks and epidurals, the 3 weeks relief, and no doc would touch me, I did have a rasodimy done in 05 and it seemed to work, but then in 2011 the pain reared it's ugly head agian. So I had it done again and it did not work as well as the first time I did not do PT and as a result I now am sufering muscle atrafy in my shoulders, I have stop eating meat and the went vegan and have implimented a excersise plan alont with my PT. I have gone to a Chiroprator and he ajusted myneck before I could say anything and at first it felt ok, but now every time I go in he does this and I am worried, Just need to no if I need to work though all this pain or back off. Some advice wold be much appreciated, I've just about given up on MD's, Feeling helpless.

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Similar situation, if I may recommend Mayo Clinic – search on dercum’s disease
I can relate to your frustration! I too was in a car accident and afterward ended up with some lumps appearing on my lower back in the area ... More
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