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Urinary discomfort - Feels best during urination
CorbitB posted:
48 year old male. About 6 weeks ago my wife and I both seemed to contract a yeast infection. It took 10 days for mine to clear up. About 7 days ago I started to feel the same constant discomfort about where I assume my prostate would be. Exactly like last time. Intensity seems to increase and decrease but the only time I feel normal is during urination. No pain or discomfort at all. As soon as I stop I feel it is back and this odd burning sensation remains until I urinate again.

We've discontinued sex for now. I called my doctor and was prescribed Ciprofloxacin and Fluconazole.

I have no visual indications of a problem. No redness, no discharge, nothing beyond the discomfort and the sense that something is wrong.

Ideas? Suggestions? It seems odd that everything feels best during urination and not any other time. Why would that be?

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