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pain in part of left shoulder
hamid1455 posted:
I have a pain in the area between the shoulder and the neck, its only in the left, not the right. Sometimes it hurts a lot if I sit upright in a computer chair, if I am laying down on my bed, then it doesn't hurt as much.

The doctor said its a muscle strain and to take advil for pain relief, is it possible that its not a muscle strain?

Is it possible that is was caused by my computer chair, which is too small for me?
deadmanwalking57 responded:
I get the same thing off and on. I recently came to the conclusion it comes from a postural bad habit.

Do you lean on the left armrest more than the other one ?
When we lean like that, we usually allow our shoulder to rise.
The muscles then get stretched and weakened, and more susceptible to injury. Over time, it happens.

Try flexing your shoulder down when possible, to get better circulation to those strained muscles. And try not to lean on arm rests anymore. You can weaken muscles on both sides.

Try to sit upright, balanced, with no lean in any direction, shoulders relaxed and DOWN, not elevated. Perhaps lean back a touch, from the front edge of your chair, NOT against the chair back, so you feel just a touch of tension in your abs.

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