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Flu or Meningitis? Help!!
Mphillips928 posted:
so like 3-4 days ago it was about midnight and i was just relaxing, felt fine, no big deal right? Until I stood up and realized my legs were weak and i suddenly had the chills. (flu-like weakness) Started getting a really really bad sore throat the next day (the sore throat is almost gone now though) i have alot of flem and congestion with makes me think its the flu. But after looking up meningitis symptoms, im freaking out like any normal person should. I don't have alot of neck pain. Just a little bit, but it only started hurting this morning as i would toss and turn on my pillow when i couldn't sleep (this was for about 10 hours). I also have a splitting headache everytime I cough, which i've felt before while having the flu. Got out of bed finally and my neck doesnt hurt anywhere near as bad as it did when i was in bed. All in all I just want to make sure I don't have meningitis because that sounds really scary.

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