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left testicle twice the size of my right and is hard
funnyiam posted:
Hi. My left tesiticle is twice (if not more o.O) the size of my right. and is VERY hard. like. it's almost like an erection comparatively in feeling. (weird but I'm using it as description) The tube that connects it to my body and is on the side of it (all same tube I think) also is sometimes sensitive and can hurt a lot at times. and sometimes my ball it's self is sensitive. my right is 100% normal, but if I look at it in my bathroom mirror and look at it you can 100% tell something is wrong it's that big. don't tell me it's that fluid thing because that's stupid. there's no fluid outside of my testicle. my entire sack is fine, it's the ball it's self and is way too hard to be filled with fluid. it has grown to this size in less than 5 months. But have always had slight sensitive problems with it, and may or may of not started with a non-sensitive lump.
sluggo45692 responded:
Get to your doctor. Here's the big scare. Cancer. Any changes in my sexual area, I want it checked out. Your not being silly or stupid if you have questions and want to check it out with your doctor. Your testicles are very vascular and problems can spread quickly. Good Luck

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