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Homegrown pesticides
Extremespin posted:
I am soliciting advice with respect to the dangers of pesticides. This time it not those that we consume everyday from the food we buy in supermarkets,but the fruit and vegetables i cultivated in my backyard.

I have planted peach trees in the path of a down flow that come from nearby properties and partly my property. people use all sorts of chemicals to prevent weeds on their lawn and to kill kill the weeds. I have no doubt that when it rains some of these chemicals may be getting traps by my peach trees. Should I test the peaches before I eat them and where?

Concerned peachgrower
Elderlybloke responded:
Dear Extremespin,
My advise is don't worry about it.
There are a lot more things than this ,believe me.
Like American Politicians .

I have been growing vegetable and a few fruit trees on my property for 45 years.
I use "chemicals" to kill weeds occasionally , when I don't feel like getting the Weedeater (spinning nylon on the end of a handle).
Also use them to prevent Codling Moth on my Apple trees.It I didn't there would only be Moth Eaten Apples.

Use Chemical Fertilisers on the Trees and Vegetables regularly. My soil is in good condition , a lot better than when I started-and I do use lots of Compost.

I have done this for the whole 45 years I have been growing my own crops.

My Father used the same ideas for 42 years on his garden.

I usually get good results, for example this year my Granny Smith Apple and Golden Delicious have each
had such a heavy crop I am overwhelmed by it.

To me, this worry about "Chemicals" is unfounded , and nourished by the "Envirenmental" mob..

In my Father's time and the early part of my Gardening we used Lead Arsenate,Nicotine Sulphate(Blackleaf 40) and DDT.
No detrimental effects on the Bees , his large number of Fruit Trees produced good crops.

So , please stop worrying.

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