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Slight pain in penis.
dannycf88 posted:
Hello! I'm new to this. I am a 24 year old man. Recently, I found a little hard object just inside the pee hole of my penis. It hurts a little bit when I pee, and it hurts when I push on it or squeeze it. It can't be an STD, because I haven't had sex in years. Help, please!
sluggo45692 responded:
Yes it can be an STD. Veneral warts may grow slowly or it may just now be noticiable. If it hurts, get it checked out. Your 24, You'll need your penis for a long time. Make sure everything is in working order.
An_252350 responded:
It cant be STD, but it is a kind of stone in your penis and you need to get out of that from your own body else it will get larger and will affect your body with your penis giving you a lot of pain in your penis while you pee or you perform sexual activity with or without your partner..Just give a look at your Doc.

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