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Do you deal with Tinnitus at night or when laying down?
aquielisunari posted:
It isn't a ringing but instead a sort of irregular heartbeat. My heartbeat has a certain cadence. This does not. It is VERY irritating. I can lay down right now ON MY BACK and the beating starts. I can't sleep on my back because of it. IMPOSSIBLE. That noise keeps me awake and is of course irritating. I also have ocular migraines if that's relevant. No irregularities as far as being louder in either ear.
An_253013 responded:
I'm so glad to hear someone else mention the strange sensation in the ear. I have a fan running at night so I don't notice it then. However, I get the "throbbing" in my ears when I turn my head from side to side. It's very subtle so I don't always notice it. I feel slightly dizzy at the same time. I thought at first it was due to a change in medication but I stopped taking it and the sensation continued.

I also suffer from migraines, but not ocular.

I hope there's someone out there that has an answer....
share_knowledge responded:
I have a constant bilateral ear noise. The best description is chirping crickets with the pulsing sensation. If you could imagine being locked in a box with thousands of crickets with the sensation of hearing your pulse beat all at the same time, when you might understand the noise I hear. I've had hearing test done by two different ENT specialist. The last one told me that the noise was coming from my brain searching for soft sounds which I cannot hear. I personally think he was telling me a bunch of crap as I don't believe he really has a true answer. He stated, "you wanted an answer and I've given you one". Your thoughts appreciated.

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