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Hair Issue
Whitness01 posted:
It has come to my attention that my leg hair is missing on the left side of my left leg and the right side of my right leg. The dermatologist mentioned my pants were causing the problem. Is there anything I can do to help make this hair grow back other than wear shorts all the time?
TheRealRoger responded:
Some circulation problems can cause loss of hair on lower legs.
GaryBF responded:
Do you wear boots? I do and have the same problem. After having to wear shoes or go with only hospital socks for several months, my hair is growing back.
Cablemail responded:
I too have the same problem pointed out by my doctor. He shrugged his shoulders when I mentioned I cross my legs while sitting at my desk and my pants may be the cause. I think he has a different reason on his mind. I currently use AndroGel to help with low-T which has increased lost hair except for the sides of my legs. I'll post in the future if he mentions anything more in regards.
Whitness01 replied to GaryBF's response:
Have never worn boots, but would be willing to try hospital socks if that would help.
Whitness01 replied to Cablemail's response:
You would think as many things as you can do to increase hair on your head, there would be something you could do about other parts of the body.

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