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hard ball/lump on left testicle.
An_253064 posted:
a couple days (maybe four days, i think) ago i noticed a lump, or a hard ball, on the top of my left testicle. it didn't hurt at all for the two days. but yesterday it started to, not necessarily hurt, but feel uncomfortable. today, off and on, i would describe the feeling has "painful," not like a huge amount of pain, but maybe the equivalent to being pinched on the arm. i can't tell if it has gotten bigger at all, but i don't believe so.
sluggo45692 responded:
Stop feeling it. You may be brusing the area and that's why it's hurting. Get it checked out. Testicular Cancer is always a thought with lumps on the testicles. Good Luck
Eugenio311 responded:
It's probably nothing to worry about. Most likely you're feeling the epididymis and may have a slight spermatocele or cyst, nothing serious. Testicular cancer is hardly ever near the top or back side of the testicle. A lump on the lower pole especially toward the front side is much more ominous.

Sluggo's point is a good one, you're probably irritating it by handling it. The idea of testicular self exam is to pick up on changes from one month to the next. Put your mind at ease and see a urologist.
An_253064 responded:
thank you to you both. i stopped touching it and i haven't felt any pain. i have an appointment this week, but i'm a lot less worried now.

thanks again.

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