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Androgel and elevated PSA - cause, effect and risk of prostate cancer
DaDavid posted:
I'm 60 and been taking Androgel for a little over a year. My PSA at annual physical this year was 4.1 (but within 72 hours of 40+ mile bike ride - did not know that was no-no) this year, then 4.2 (but within 48 hours of sex) 6 weeks later. (Previous PSA's have been in 3.25 to 3.8 range) Uro wanted to do biopsy but warnings on Androgel report it can raise PSA by .25 so I'm tapering off and will be retested next week. If, as I hope, my next PSA is under 4.0, I'm wondering if it is safe to restart Androgel? Since elevated PSA does not necessarily mean prostate cancer is present, can you have, in effect, benign elevated PSA from Androgel? By analogy, I take statins which elevated my liver enzymes. But after liver workup, I was told that the elevated liver enzymes was not a cause for concern and med lit supports this:

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