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facial hair growth
An_253200 posted:
im 19 and dont really have that much facial hair. some on my chin, a little under my bottom lip, and a nice "beaner stache", and about three to four hairs by the sides of my ears. my father and grandfather have a lot of facial hair and every male in my family can all grow good beards but i feel left out. im on the fith stage of tanners growth stages and im feeling like if i cant grow one now like all of my cousins and brothers i wont be able to grow a beard and feel like im apart of the family.
An_251837 responded:
I wasn't able to grow a decent beard and mustache until I was in my 40's. Give it time. Every man is unique and progresses at their own rate.
RERpianoman responded:
You will have a far better idea of your potential if you look at your mother's side of the family. Look at your grandfather and any uncles on that side. I can remember wanting to have sideburns but couldn't until I was in college. I finally grew my mustache when I was 20.

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