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What is this STD?!
STABneedsHelp posted:
I dated a girl for 2 years, it wasnt until 6 months in she told me she had an STD. What ever it is it NEVER showed up on her. Havent been with her for a year and have been scared to date since. This STD dosent pop up often, but when it does its a small circular formation of 5-6ish Tiny bumps. It only pops up at the Base of the penis were its connected to my body and its always just that 1 circle of bumps. It has only popped up on my penis once in an area closest to my body. When it shows up its very itchy, thats how I know its there. When it starts to heal it scabs up then goes away. WHAT IS IT?! I've been looking up pictures of STD's forever now and havent found ANYTHING that looks like it. Please help =( I know its not warts, I know its not cureable, I DONT KNOW what it is tho..
champmedical responded:
luharrell responded:
Sounds like herpes to me. See your doctor or your local health department to find out for sure and also to get info on how to handle this in your everyday life. Good luck.

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