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Bumps in groin
YellowPerch posted:
I'm hoping someone can lend some insight to a problem I've been experiencing for a few years. I am a 24 year old male, in relatively good shape. I exercise three to four times a week and have no history of major illness. I am not sexually active, and would have no possibility of an STD.

About two years ago, while giving myself a testicular exam I noticed a tiny bump under the skin in my scrotum to left of and behind my left testicle. Alarmed, I checked my scrotum and testicles closer and found a similar and slightly larger (pea-size) bump of similar texture at the base of my scrotum behind my right testicle near my perineum. Since discovering these bumps, I have been more cognizant of a dull, numb pain localized to my left testicle and extending up to my lymph node in my left groin area. I also have chronic, dull lower back pain that can feels related to my groin pain.

I visited a family physician concerning my enlarged lymph node (which I originally thought was a hernia because the swollen node was so pronounced) and was told it was a swollen node and it would disappear eventually. I was not prescribed antibiotics. I then visited a urologist concerning my node issue (on my own accord, to get a second opinion) and to seek advice on the bumps. I was told the bumps were calcification and nothing to be concerned about. The swollen node diagnosis was also confirmed. I was not prescribed antibiotics by the urologist, but was ordered to take a blood test and a testicular ultrasound.

On my follow-up visit, the urologist assured me nothing was wrong (no issues in the blood or ultrasound) and that we would schedule a 6 month tentative appointment if the symptoms persisted or new symptoms arose.

Yesterday while giving myself a testicular examination I noticed another small bump in the same region as the bump in my left testicle area from before. It is closer to the perineum and smaller. I am worried that more bumps mean something is wrong. My lymph node remains swollen and my dull pain in the groin, testicle, and lower back persists (about four months after my visit to the urologist). I am hoping the urologist was correct in assuring me that the swollen node and calcified bumps were harmless, but I am wondering if other men have had experience with this situation. Any advice, perspective, or thoughts would be a big help. Thank you.

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