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urology and my problems, please help!
An_253664 posted:
Hi, I'm a 15 year old male. In about November of 2012 this problem started. I would go to the bathroom, but when I was finished, I felt like I still had to go. I ignored this (thinking it would go away) until May when new symptoms started. these symptoms were constipation and burning when I was going to the bathroom. I went to the doctor and they took a dip and culture test, but found nothing. my doctor sent me to the urologist. I told them what has been happening and they said that it could all be from constipation. they told me to use miralax for a month and they'll call back in a month (which would've been like September 1st) to check on me. we never knew if they called back because they called with a different number and didn't leave a message. we eventually called back and I have an appointment September 24. New symptoms have surfaced, sadly. I get nauseous easily now. Also I like to get frappichinos from Starbucks or McDonalds. every time I have one now, my stomach aches all day and I throw up every time I have one. Plus, my left rib is super uncomfortable and has a little bump somewhere on it. starting yesterday, I've had a hard time breathing(maybe because of the bump?) I forgot to mention I get random pains in my pelvic region.
does anyone know what may be occurring? is this urgent? Is it safe to be waiting until my appointment in a few days, or should I go to urgent care? If anyone has anything that can help me it would be immensely appreciated. I'm very scared right now and I don't know what move to make.

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