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Can Exercise Control Erectile Dysfunction?
An_249935 posted:
I read in a article that Exercise can Control Erectile Dysfunction . Also
some of my friends have told that exercise can cause ED...

Which is true?
crostimare responded:
Exercise has nothing to do with ED. The cause of the onset of symptoms are generally health-related issues and the only way to cure it is through medications. Get info about ED treatments here:
ricky100 replied to crostimare's response:
I am truly agreed with you that exercise has nothing to do with ED. Exercise has many health benefits and there is no any single side effect of exercise so it is wrong to say this.
ricky100 replied to ricky100's response:
I am truly agreed with you that exercise has nothing to do with ED. Exercise has many health benefits and there is no any single side effect of exercise so it is wrong to say this.
lakecountybootcamps gym
georgemed222 responded:
Exercise can be helpful in that being in overall good physical health can have an impact on sexual performance, but it is not the major determinant in curing or treating ED. Often the issue is not physical at all but is psychological: you may be feeling stressed about other things, you may be feeling pressured to perform sexually, etc. There can be numerous causes, so pinpointing it can take some time. One thing to remember in general is that it's a good idea to keep the penis in its best health; in addition to practicing good hygiene, regularly using a top notch penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) is a good idea. Look for a cream with alpha lipoic acid, due to its powerful antioxidant qualities. Good luck!
katellawellnesscenter responded:
As far as my point of view is concern exercise little bit helpful. Apart from this capable of being raised to an upright position depend How much you are mentally strong.If you are not able to sustain yourself then go though meditation.
nohard responded:
Hi Yes exercise will help you over ED its getting your blood pumping, if we get our blood right then you should not get ED, I mean by keeping your blood clean and keeping that way, its keeping off fast and junk foods, these are the big killers.
But unlike WebMD says there are some very good natural herbs that will help you out of ED, I'm one of the people who can hold my hand up and say yes they do work.
And do believe getting our blood working good is part of getting over ED.
If anybody wants to look just have a look at these posts, google DRUGS VERSUS HERBS, HERBS MY CHOICE, same title but just add DAILY INTAKE, NOHARDS HERB LIST WITH LINKS, and NOHARDS HERBS FOR ED, PART 2, there 3 to 4 links with most of them, so lots to read, you can take my mix as a guide to see if it works for you, but you can just add or subtract, one thing is I'm now off ginger, but still on the rest.
Do hope this helps some guys.
Good Luck
abbymccluremyf responded:
ED is a hormonal related problem so exercise has little to contribute for its prevention. However, regular exercise can be a big help for your overall being..
adisonadley replied to abbymccluremyf's response:
Exercises boost immunity system and prevent us from major health disease like hypertension, obesity, diabetes, heart disease and some cancers so we must exercise regularly to lead healthy and active life.
nohard responded:
Hi To help fight ED, get into cayenne pepper, have a look on your find lots of great info on how this helps you body, its good for the blood, cleans out the plaque, its good for your heart, and very good for your prostate.
I have been on for over two years to help fight ED, along with other herbs and a hormone.
Try this mix cayenne in tomato paste and thin with olive oil, at first you only mix to a heat that suits you, after time you can slowly build up the heat, you take 3 small spoonful's a day each morning is best just after you get up, wash each one down with water, after a couple of days you will fill very good.
I also that very fine chopped garlic with it, in this I also put parsley, garlic and parsley help keep cholesterol down, you just put a small spoonful on top of the cayenne mix, mix into the top part your taken and away it goes, this combination is also very good for your blood, if it thickens up just keep adding olive oil, olive oil is high in omega 3, and olive oil is very good for you bones, this come in a new report.
I do hope all this helps you.
Good Luck

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