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Testosterone Gel Warning!
fsonline posted:
My MD advised testosterone gel for low T. I began with Androgel, then moved to Axiron. I used the minimum prescribed amount, one pump under each arm. I noticed little change, physically, but did notice an increased sexual drive which was NOT a problem for me, but was okay, and led to more sexual contact with my partner. In fact, I wasn't feeling as though I needed T treatment for anything, but the count indicated that it was wise. With introductory offers on each product for the pharmacy, it wasn't expensive. "T" gels are VERY expensive without an intro offer. BUT, here is where the problems arose... my RBC skyrocketed to levels that were crazy. High red blood levels can lead to "thicker" blood, and other issues, but most importantly, it can lead to a stroke. Since my mother died from a stroke, I was told to STOP my testosterone gel application, and was sent to have units of blood drawn to reduce my RBC. I have Lyme Disease, and the blood had to be discarded in order not to pass on the spirochete from Lyme Disease. My normal lab would not discard my blood, and refused to do the draw/discard, but I went to a "blood center" and it was done -- two units of blood drawn, and discarded. So, keep an eye on your RBC if supplementing your testosterone in any way. I've stopped T-gels, and await more tests to monitor my RBC at the Dr's office. Just a heads up.
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