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    What a Great Experience this group has become. The kinship in Brotherhood. There is such a diverse range of topics. This is the place we can be as open as we want to be... Everyone is welcome to join, but it is not a place to Cruise. It's for sharing sexual questions and comments among men.
    Penile Implants
    mlcptwn posted:
    Does anyone have any experience with penile implants? How much does it cost and can you tell me how does it feel...
    Jed7228 responded:
    I've had a penile implant; years ago after testing all the other remedies; following prostate cancer surgery. There's a support group named ?FrankTalk. Good information here. The cost is probably around $30,000. Yes, it feels wonderful. Most partners are supportive. One loses some length but gain some girth. Check on the angle of erections. Some look better than others. Mine is basically the same pumped or not. But unpumped is more comfortable in clothes.
    mlcptwn replied to Jed7228's response:
    Thank you for your response.. is it possible to hide the fact you have an implant from your partner?? Do you maintain the feeling in your penis? I guess what i am asking is do you still ejaculate? and does it feel as good as it did before you had the implant? Do you masturbate and if so is it as good?
    Jed7228 replied to mlcptwn's response:
    One could probably hide the fact that you have an implant. It takes only 30 or so squeezes to get pumped. You're never as flacid as in your previous condition. The balloons in your penis make for a more substantial presence. Pumped or not, you will be proud to show it off in the locker room and shower at the gym. One does maintain the feeling in ones' penis. It feels as good as it did before and you still ejaculate. Masturbation is as good as ever. I do masturbate. You might wish to fluff it up by taking the every day Cialis. I use MUSE to make the head fill out with blood. Most men and partners are happy with their three piece implants, but it is still a major decision. If your penis is >7 inches one model is better than the others; it gets longer and broader.
    mlcptwn replied to Jed7228's response:
    well, I am not longer then 7", about 6 1/2". I wish I knew somone who had implants that would let me see them.. you know, just to see it and feel gay i know, but I would love to see how they look and see how it feels to the touch...
    Paulnewyork replied to mlcptwn's response:
    I'm the FrankTalk guy. It is an online community for any sort of ED. The guys are fantastic. Go to my profile to see the URL. I just did a video of a guy demonstrating his implant. He loves it. there are tons of guys willing to show you. Join FrankTalk, the PM me and we'll see if we can find someone
    Vagabond127 responded:
    I'm am in the same boat as you. I'm doing lots and lots of research. I've used the pills. I thought about the injections but I kind of like the fact that an implant is very convenient. The only thing scaring me is the permanency of it . My other thought is holding out for better medications that are waiting for FDA approval. If I knew the implant would increase the length and girth then I'd be much closer to opting for that.

    Does anyone have any feedback on my concerns and thoughts about the implant???
    An_205383 replied to mlcptwn's response:
    mlcptwn: I am approaching two years post rp and still no wood. Starting to weigh the implant option but your question is the same I've had. Is there a man out there that would let me inspect up close and personal? See how it works? How it feels? Did you find anyone willing to show and tell?
    mlcptwn replied to An_205383's response:
    Hey Anon, no I have not found anyone who is willing to let me inspect up close.. my insurance doesnt pay for Viagra, and it is soooooo expensive... my g/f is quite a bit younger then me, and I so want to keep her happy in bed. I actually have had very little response to my post.
    bnjguy replied to mlcptwn's response:
    My insurance is paying (less co-pay) for Viagra but it is having no effect on me. Have tried Cialis also...nothing. Prostrate surgeon has now prescribed testosterone and monitoring PSA since prostate cancer "feeds" on testosterone. Seem to be having some engorgement...maybe 50%, but now hornier than heck. Anyone out there have any words of encouragement? Is 2 years post op too soon to give up on getting a boner without an implant? Thanks gentlemen.
    Paulnewyork replied to bnjguy's response:
    I can probably find a guy to show you his implant. and yes, two years after surgery with no erection is time to move on. Oral meds are not working. It's either injections or implant. You will LOVE an implant. All the guys do. Contact me or go to my website. We can find a good guy to show you his implant. Most of the men will.
    David_Johns responded:
    I've had an inflatable penile implant since 2002, and my wife and I love it! It makes my penis hard enough to penetrate, so we can have intercourse. (I could do other manual and oral things without an erection, so I/we just wanted it for intercourse.)

    I'm leaving this with my name hoping it can help.
    David_Johns replied to mlcptwn's response:
    I don't know where you live, but I have shown guys who are considering an implant my penis both uninflated and inflated. I als have pictures I could e-mail anyone with whom I feel comfortable (you have to promise to delete them after viewing them). Just let me know.
    mlcptwn replied to David_Johns's response:
    Hey David, I would be interested in seeing pix, if you wouldnt mind sharing.. I dont know if i can post my email addy or not.
    David_Johns replied to mlcptwn's response:
    Mlcptwn, check out my community profile and send me an e-mail.

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