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    What a Great Experience this group has become. The kinship in Brotherhood. There is such a diverse range of topics. This is the place we can be as open as we want to be... Everyone is welcome to join, but it is not a place to Cruise. It's for sharing sexual questions and comments among men.
    Folding Clothes
    ryu2008 posted:
    Underwear are my favorite garments I fold after washing them. I owned over 50 pairs and normally change twice a day. I wash my clothes on the weekend. I like to arrange them according to colors and brands do you guys do the same way?
    zoom1969 responded:
    I used to be really organized with my clothes but it has gotten away from me the last couple of years. I've turned into one of those guys that throws clothes over the furniture in my It seems I do laundry when ever I start running out of something. I have a set of lockers ( like they used to have in schools ) that I keep dirty clothes in. It will get so full that when I open them the clothes fall out. For some reason I am really organized with my shoes. I always take them off and put them back in the boxes. But back in the day I was always really organized. I would wash, fold, arrange, etc. Not sure why I got so lazy with my clothes the last couple of years...
    pogo99 replied to zoom1969's response:
    ...and what zoom1969 explains is the reason every grown-up man needs a wife seriously, I am very organized with my closet and drawers are organized by color and type. Used to drive my wife crazy at the beginning but she knows my system very well by now, I wishes she organizes her stuff in a similar way but after over 10 yrs I just let it go.
    masculineguy responded:
    am the same as u really have 50 pairs
    seattleron responded:
    I ran across something you posted and it caught my attention about being Bi so I went a read a bunch of yur other discussion to get more of an idea how you think,

    BTW you have a great looking torso. Actually you and pogo look similar. Me I thought about snapping a pic like yours to post but I am a 5.11 buck fifty guy and who wants to see that?

    I could ID with your depression over the bi issue. For me this started very young also. I think it comes from a disconnect with the opposite gender parent. That was it for me. Mom could not ... refused to connect with us three kids. Worse all she had was conditional love minus but and abundance of critisism. I could not trust her with my emotions and that transferred to all women almost to fear. Dad was not much better. I sought acceptance. I never had a childhood buddy. Saw my Dads male female porn about age 10 and was awed at what my body would look like as a man. How that transferred to sexualizing boys and later men I am not sure.

    I like you have been blessed with a picture perfect life. Beautiful homes, cars, antique boats beach house and wife. Plus an abundance of friends who like my picture perfect image.

    I only have one friend who came to me with when he was caught looking at porn and I opened up with him about my looking at male bodies..Having annomyous sex with men, Out of town biz trips hooking up with other married guys in the hotel bar and going to their rooms. For me it is more the lust and pursuit of the taboo. If I could just stop when the guy 'accepts me" wants me it would be fine. The sex is always a let down.

    When I hear about buddies with benefits I tried that. But it lacks the pursuit, lust of another guy wanting accepting me. But maybe it would also lack the shame I feel doing this with a totally stranger.
    seattleron replied to pogo99's response:
    I like a drawer for "T,s". boxers, and socks Un matted I buy the identical socks always. Every now and then I like going commando and feeling myself swing walking down the street
    seattleron replied to masculineguy's response:
    Dudes... they cannot be pairs because we only where one at a time.

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