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    What a Great Experience this group has become. The kinship in Brotherhood. There is such a diverse range of topics. This is the place we can be as open as we want to be... Everyone is welcome to join, but it is not a place to Cruise. It's for sharing sexual questions and comments among men.
    watching family member
    texas7t posted:
    any one watched their brother or dad or uncle jack off without him knowing?
    One time I was home alone with my half brother ( married with kids ) and he went to take a shower.. after a few min. I was able to see through a key hole door, he showered. and then watched him jack off with the curtain open..
    tftobin responded:
    Yes. I used to watch by brother in law. He was huge, and he liked to show it off, but he didn't know I was watching most of the time. Very hot!!!
    Again, the keyhole, like you.
    Trouble_Jones responded:
    Never actually "watched" anyone, but I've done it quite a few times with my step brother, cousin, and a good friend when we were all teens. Definately good memories!
    texas7t replied to Trouble_Jones's response:
    and now? do you guys ever bring it up again ?
    I am who I am, that is all I will ever be. Texas7t
    Manjock replied to texas7t's response:
    Hi guys,

    I have seen both my Brother and Father jack off. 3 guys living together we don't care about things like that. Might sound strange to others reading. We would never touch each other and no incest but happy to blow our loads.
    texas7t replied to Manjock's response:
    hot dam.....and.. you measure up to ya pop?
    I am who I am, that is all I will ever be. Texas7t
    rob15lov replied to Trouble_Jones's response:
    I think a lot of guys have experiences like this.
    beroni responded:
    a few years back my wifes half sister was getting married. she stayed at our house the night before. she is my wifes stepmoms daughter so no blood relation to my wife. anyway that night they slept in my room and i used the room next to it. both doors open i heard somethin happening in there. i was able to quietly watch from the doorway as they went down on eachother till each came. well i nearly came in my pants. went to bed and jerked off. the next day while everyone was gettin ready my wife ran out while my sister in law went in the shower in my room, she left bedroom door open and had the bathroom door only 3/4 closed. so of course i watched cause we have those glass doors. i could see her playin with herself and i started to jerk off right there. i had to cum in my hand so i wouldn't do it on the floor. never told her i was there either time but i am pretty sure at least she knew about the shower. she and my wife always talk openly about sexual stuff and she has shown us both x rated pics of herself alone and with her then fiance. and we have shown her ours as well. video as well. my only regret is not trying to join them the night before. they have talked about me eating my wife while she does me with a strap on but we never did it. if they asked i would but i don't wanna be the one who initiates it.
    gq12 replied to beroni's response:
    wow beroni, you have one wild wife!!! Mine talks alot about going down on another guy while I am having sex w/ her or another guy doing anal w/ her while we are having sex, or her doing down on a girl, but this is just dirty talk. The reality will NEVER happen. I love the talk, but you've seen it take place!!!
    beroni replied to gq12's response:
    think i can top this story. over christmas we had people over. well we did some heavy drinking and by the end of the evening with people having to stay over so they wouldn't drive the only 3 awake were me the wife and the same half sister from the other story. well we had taken alot of photos that night but with peoples cameras. i jokingly asked the 2 of them if they would do a photo session with me using the camera on my phone. well at first it was silly poses like my wife lifted up her shirt and the half sister pretending to lick her tits. well next thing i know she is sucking on both tits. this led to them making out real passionatly. so my wife says switch that to video and come over here so i can suck you off. as she sucked me the half sis kept working on my wifes tits and started to finger herself and my wife. well i couldn't hold back and i came in my wifes then they made out and ate my cum and went down on eachother till they came. it was unbelievable!
    jrocker85 replied to beroni's response:
    the lump in my pants thanks you!
    tx2010 replied to beroni's response:
    Oh my!! How big are you?
    beroni replied to tx2010's response:
    normally 6.5 inches and pretty thick especially at the head, but if its possible i felt like i was bigger than normal that night. i can't remember it ever being as hard as it was that night.
    beroni replied to jrocker85's response:
    glad i could help. been jerkin to the thought of it all weekend.
    tx2010 replied to beroni's response:
    Nice thought there!

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