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Hair Follicles on Penis Shaft
An_205414 posted:
I have had this problem for a while. A day or two after I have sex, one or two of the hair follicles on my penis shaft become inflamed and develop a small pimple type bubble right in the follicle where the hair comes out. It will go away after 3 or 4 days, and can be popped like a pimple. I've been std checked many times and am pretty sure it is not std related because it only happens right after sex like clock work. It seems to have something to do with the friction of the hair causing a problem in the follicle.
I used to shave my genitals with a razor, however now i only trim with and electric shaver and use dove soap. I still have the problem.

I am wondering what this is and how I can stop it from happening.
gq12 responded:
I have had this a few times at the base of my penis when a folicle has gotten irritated and it basically looked like a small pimple. I had this maybe 2 times and it was pretty random. I do shave this area and still do but haven't had this act up anymore. If it is in the same place try plucking the hair so there is nothing there until a new hair re-grows, Maybe the stubble where the hair is cut at the skin surface is causing this?
John-SKPT replied to gq12's response:
I'd also suggest that washing with special attention to the problem area immediately after sex might help. Hair follicles are basically open to the outside environment so the skin can't add any infection protection. Maybe try a gentle antibacterial soap.

And don't pop or rupture the papules; that only serves to increase the irritation and inflammation, and if it is some sort of bacterium, it could spread it to other areas.

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