payasa44 posted:
i have a son that is 23 yrs old and asked me a question that i need help aanswering. he is legally blind and feels hes not a whole man to be with a woman. is it bad for him to keep masturbating on his own. (jerking off ) or whatever u guys call it???????
uncutsmoothy responded:
Masterbation or jerking off is as natural as anything in the world. If he wants to jerk off let him. He is not hurting asnyone... As far as not being a whole man to make love to a woman, he has his sense of feel which is a lot of sex. Feeling is a lot of sex , tell him to go for it...
HairyD responded:
Being legally blind does not stop him from being a man. Please encourage him to pleasure himself. But also encourage him to attend church, and any socail gatherings were he could meet woman. The correct partner could help him have a normal male/ female sex relationship. Does he not have a male brother, uncle, or friend or anyone that could arrange a female vist.