Streaking? Tell me Why?
hairyd posted:
Is there a streaker from a major sporting event. That can tell me WHY you would ran naked on the field before a crowd of thousands and million watching on TV cameras.Security will catch you. YOUR ARE Trapped in the stadium. You could lost your job and also be fined. I think streaking at sporting events is a stupid stunt. But I want to tell me differant.... The guys I have seen should have felted embarrassed. They were either cold or had a small penis.

I do not think this is a sexual issue.
I have swam nude with groups, jogged the school track naked with team mates, Ran thru the wood naked to skinny dip in a river or steam. etc. So I understand the feel of freedom. But I was not asking to be arrested.

The only time I was in public naked. I was in college. Some of my fraternity brother.stripped me. They then push me out of the car.
I was left standing nude in the middle of a busy intersection. It was 5 pm quiting time. My penis was hanging at 6 o clock.
God gave men both a penis and a brain, but unfortunately not enough blood supply to run both at the same time.
- Robin Williams

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