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Circumcision Swelling + Hematoma
An_242550 posted:
Hi all, I need some advice/help on my recent circ.

I had it performed 4 days ago ultimately successfully, but at first experienced a large hematoma, which swelled my penis up to a small bleeding mountain - my glans at the top. Needless to say, they took me back into the OR within an hour, drained it, sutured the ruptured vessel, and closed me up again. It was successful, but it left my whole dick bruised. My urologist said that it would regardless heal in the same amount of time as a normal, complication-free circumcision.

I came home, and it would seem my bruising got worse, turning my whole dick near black. Additionally, it started to swell around the base of the shaft, giving it a "buddha belly" of sorts. I saw my urologist the next morning, as he wanted to check to see if everything was well, and he saw it and said it was alright, and that my penis would not look very appealing during the healing process.

So days 2 and 3 were alright, with my dick maintaining a swollen appearance, but getting slightly bigger. I applied the antibiotic ointment (basitracin) I received, as well as took my antibiotic pills, which I just finished yesterday, all the while routinely replacing my dressing due to nighttime erections and them constantly slipping off my now misshapen, triangular-ish penis.

Today, I realized that my shaft has swelled up a bit more and is turning "hard" more. Bruising is subsiding, and my penis color is returning, but my shaft is bulging a tiny bit more, and I'm now worried that the hematoma will/is come/coming back. My first hot shower on day 3 actually made the swelling go down some, but that hasn't been the case since. Ice packs hadn't worked for me since the start, so I've given up on them. I just now took 2 ibuprofen, but into 30 mintues, there's been no change in size or feel.

Should I be worried at all, or is this just the normal swelling kicking in?

Also, my scrotum seems to have been slightly bruised, as it is now darker in appearance, but I've read that that happens after groin surgery pretty often.

By the way - and I'm not sure if this is relevant - there has been barely any pain at all throughout all of this.

Anyway, thanks.
Torcal responded:
Trust your doctor and stop obsessing about it.
HairyD replied to Torcal's response:
Dude, It must have been a week now therefore has your penis healed.
Your not obsessing ...... your talking about your Penis. If still having a problem go to the doctor. He will understand the importance of your penis to a male.

Glad you were not in pain. My penis has looked rough after a long weekend of sex. The ice has always worked for my friends. I have seen penis swollen has big as the friends hands after being clipped. Let us know that it back working.... only small percentage it want.
Torcal responded:
No one can tell from a blog post what your physical condition is. Keep bugging your Urologist every time you have a question. That's why he's paid so much.

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