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What a Great Experience this group has become. The kinship in Brotherhood. There is such a diverse range of topics. This is the place we can be as open as we want to be... Everyone is welcome to join, but it is not a place to Cruise. It's for sharing sexual questions and comments among men.
Is this normal or is he fibbing?
An_243345 posted:
So my boyfriend had a small semen spot in his under wear. We're in a monogomous relationship. He says its was caused by a sperm build up from us not having sex for four or so days. He says sperm comes out when he urinates due to build up.. I think he has cheated. I have taken anatomy classes and have not heard of this before.. Please help me understand cause I don't think what he is saying is possible/true. I think he cheated...
hairyd responded:
If you want to build a lasting relationship; you must trust your boyfriend. Why would you be checking his underwear?

Why would you be making him wait for four days for intercourse? You need to being more about your friends penis. Both for his and your enjoyment.

The spot was Bulbourethral or Cowper's Gland fluid, but is know commonly as "pre-cum," "speed drop," "pre-ejaculate," or "pre-coital lubrication. This clear alkaline fluid seeps from the opening of the penis Its purpose is to lubricate and neutralize the acidity of the urethra that might soon carry the semen with its payload of up to five hundred million sperm.

The fluild can be in the penis during any erection. The boyfriend will get a hard penis at anytime day or night.

Give your boyfriend the loving you both need. You are using protection from pregancy and std.
Ginatwin replied to hairyd's response:
He's the one who says he's not that sexual. I would love to have sex every day if I could. I have the high sex drive not him... This is a huge problem for me... and causes strain on our relationship.. I find it hard to believe he has a low drive.. I get so frustrated with no sex for days. I wasnt snooping, I was just washing the under wear and noticed it. We were in a situation where he had to stay the night away from home for a few nights. So yes I did get suspicous. I do trust him.. But had never noticed any thing like this before.. He had no reason to have a hard on away from home other than getting aroused by someone else, having sex elsewhere, or have a hard penis when wakening. Which when wakening shouldnot cause the white but clear in my opionion. But I am a woman so I dont know..... No we do noat use condoms because we are supposed to be in a monogomous relationship. I am 8 months pregnant with our child. Please elaborte from this information... Hairy D or any other....
hairyd replied to Ginatwin's response:
Gina, you did not state his age. Differant in sex drive of differant partners can be a big issue. But since you did not use protection. Therefore your parents now. I would not ask you to find a partner with the same sex desire.

Has his sex drive decrease since the pregance. May be stress of the responibility and finance of supporting a family.
Not the same as free sex with a girlfriend.

I would advise a frank discussion and male exam with his doctor.

Gina, a thought of you, a mental picture of sex with you, or a soft breeze on his penis. Any of these or other thoughts will cause a healthy male to have a full firm hard penis. Yes a morning erection can have pre cum. The penis does not know if it going into a HOLE. The fluild is coating a safe germ free exit for HIS sperms. If the penis is in a vaginal it also makes a safe entrances path.

You should discuss sex with him outside of the bedroom area. If he was out of town for four days; You and him should agree it is normal for him to masturbate.

Both male and female have to work together to have a successful family. May God richly Bless you and yours.
Anon_129334 replied to hairyd's response:
Have you never heard of a "nocturnal emission"? This is a perfectly natural way that the human male body acts. And if he is NOT having nocturnal emissions (and he is young, as I suspect you both are), then there is reason to believe he is either masturbating to have this "release", or he is having sex elsewhere. "Cum" in his shorts is typical, natural, and a sign that his body needs more release than it is getting through sexual relations.
DeeplyConcerned responded:
As many have stated, I wouldn't assume it's cheating. A lot of guys precum quite a bit, including myself. I have also masturbated and there's still a little bit of discharge left if I just throw my clothes on shortly after, which can result in it sort of leaking out afterwards into my boxers / pants. If you looked at my boxers you could assume I'd recently had sex, but that's not the case. I hope that helps. In terms of him saying it comes out when he pees, I have to be honest he's either panicking to find an answer or simply mistaken. Or lying, but I doubt that. Good luck!
GAP1954 responded:
unexpelled semen is often found in urine and certainly could "leak" following urination. You 2 would probably be smart to seek out some couples counseling now and learn to work together for the sake of your coming child. There are a few good books about lovemaking during pregnancy. Guys often tend to hold off for fear of hurting you or the baby.

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