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What a Great Experience this group has become. The kinship in Brotherhood. There is such a diverse range of topics. This is the place we can be as open as we want to be... Everyone is welcome to join, but it is not a place to Cruise. It's for sharing sexual questions and comments among men.
Excessive Precum
Anon_133604 posted:
When I get excited or even chat or text with someone about a sexual situation I PrecumWhen so much that my pants get wet. My questions are as follows;
gymrat44 responded:
I don't see any questions -- but if you're wondering what to do about it, I'd say just enjoy it! And I don't mean that as a smart answer. Precumming is just your body's way of saying, "oh boy, let's go!" when maybe the rest of you isn't ready yet or there is some good reason not to. Or maybe it's okay to move ahead!

About your excessive wetting: just have some tissues handy or perhaps line your undershorts with paper if you're going to be chatting or texting about a sensual topic. (Or, just whip it out and have a good time -- why not?)
manhood should be enjoyed, not proven -- gymrat44
hairyd responded:
Anon you failed to enter your questions? But Grat is correct. Precum is because has a healthy male you are sexual aroused. It is normal for a young man to have a large supply of cum. Daily ejections would help decrease the amount. . A lot of men have phone sex.
You did give us your age or other info. But masturbation maybe a answer. My dad always had fresh fruit for me to use. Slapping it wtih your hands. Will cause sexual issue with female vaginal sex.
If your in private I would lose the pants. A quick hot shower afterward. Is great for me.
Send us your questions or speak to your father.
barefoot3us responded:
Enjoy your precum. If you have it coming and feel like like it masturbate and enjoy yourself. Masturbation is such a pleasure and great stress reliever when your not having sex with a women.
There will come a day when your older that you will wish for precum.
Don't get hung up on some preconceived thought about not masturbating it's so natural, so enjoy your penis.
Anon_133604 replied to barefoot3us's response:
I am in my 50's. As I stated I PrecumWhen a lot but cannot alway seem to actually cum after masterbating. My question is could it be because I PrecumWhen so much?? My other question is, does anyone else seem to have this issue?? Interested in hearing from you other guys out there.
hairyd replied to Anon_133604's response:
Most older males decease in the amount of sperm production. Unless you are not want to father a child with a young woman. I would not be concerned. If your pumping a dry well. Increase in fluilds may increase the amount of cum. Also limit masterbating to once daily.
gq12 replied to gymrat44's response:
agree w/ gymrat. I do pre-cum but not alot. The most I ever remember at one time was when I saw a long sting hangin off my penis about 18" off the tip!! I was very horny at the time. Usually I will delelop a drop or two and if I wipe it a little more will come out.

I wish I could sometimes make way more as it would be a huge turn on!! It lets whoever you are with know you are sexually excited!!
doogood replied to gq12's response:
Like most others here, I don't usually have a lot of pre-cum but a couple of drops are there most times. There have been exceptions. like gq, I had a long dangly a few times. there was one time my wife and I were utlizing some rope for some light bondage play. All the while I was standing and she was working that cotton rope around my body and my cock and balls, i was getting harder and before I realized it there was this long string just oozing it's way to the floor, I want to say it got to within a few inches of the carpet! Unless your having an issue with embarrissing spots at work or public I wouldn't think it's an issue. For me it makes a great lube when j/o. And like others have said here, it's a natural sign that your body is aroused and ready for action. If you can take advantage - go for it!
cam35 responded:
I have always had issues with precum. It is something that I have come to terms with and love about my body. I have noticed that having sex/masturbate will ease it, but I am still a man after all. Precum feels good.
stinger7 replied to Anon_133604's response:
Hey Aron.
And there I was looking for some ways to increase the precum volume I make. LOL
Wish there was some type of exercise or even a pill I could take.
Enjoy it my brother.

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