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hairyd posted:
A have a question I would like you to answer for me.
Do want the penis hanging between his legs to bigger or smaller than your penis. Most man do not perfer the smallest in the room.
Would you have a issue if your wife was having sex with a man with a bigger penis.
I have never had the desire to have sex with a man. Therefore I am not able to consider my answer. My wife and I do not like to share our goodies.

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  • I perfer him to have bigger penis, I am the little man
  • I perfer him to have a small penis, I am the bigger man.
  • I prefer my wife enjoying a bigger penis.
  • I prefer just my wife and I
  • I prefer my wife, a big penis male, and I having SEX together
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gq12 responded:
this is an interesting question. If I see a guy with a small penis, my ego feels better but it does not turn me on. If I see a guy with a large penis, I may feel less adequate but it will turn me on. The one guy I've fooled with has what appears to be a larger penis than me soft (so when I saw him it was a turn on), but when hard we are pretty much the same size. I feel good about myself and he LOVES my penis, so it's a good match I think!
If I were looking for a guy to share w/ my wife I would not want a bigger dick for her because I would not be the alpha male, but this I am not interested in.