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What a Great Experience this group has become. The kinship in Brotherhood. There is such a diverse range of topics. This is the place we can be as open as we want to be... Everyone is welcome to join, but it is not a place to Cruise. It's for sharing sexual questions and comments among men.
straight women watching gay men
boyfriendwantedinla posted:
Hey guys, I'm new to this online community.

I work out at a gym that is almost overwhelmingly attended by gay men. Probably less than 2% of the men who work out there regularly are straight. I've always wondered what goes on inside the minds of the female employees at the front desk. What's it like to see so many gay men on a regular basis in a place where body image is a central issue? What's it like for these women to see gay men get it on with each other and engage in clothed foreplay on the gym floor?
elle0317 responded:
Why don't you ask these women? How would we know what goes inside someone else's head. And what gym would allow anyone engage in 'getting it on' on the gym floor??
doogood responded:
I'm going to add that these women probably are 1) relieved that they're not going to be hit on - just a hunch - and that they can be comfortable in this situation and 2) therefore they're probably enjoying the scenery. Just like men, women are going to enjoy a good looking person - and I mean good looking to them not stereotypical good looking. If they see someone attactive - male or female - they're going to look at them. Isn't that how humans work? We can't see someone's personality at 20 ft away we see thier external appearance.
As far as what goes on at a deeper thought process - good luck with that! As Ellen states - your going to have to ask them. And unless they know that you're gay and have no interest in them, you're probably not going to get a completely honest answer. No offense intened to any female contributors, but would you be completely honest with a guy who out of the blue asks you about such things? And I;m curious about the whole clothed foreplay thing. Just what is going on at this public (?) gym?

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