An_247068 posted:
My testicles dont hang so much. I heard that when its cold outside or when the testicles are in a cold environment, the testicles cling to the body and when its warm, they drop low and ihang. WHen I wear boxer briefs (a warm environment), the testicles still dont hang low. What type of underwear makes the testicles hang low?
jmgg5000 responded:
yea i know i am in a state where it gets colder in winter and if its a cold morning my testicals will cling to my body to keep it warm in there and on warm nights it will hang more
kahnjoe replied to jmgg5000's response:
Sometimes it can depend on your age? At 47 they hang more now than 27.
longduckdong46 replied to kahnjoe's response:
Yeah I agree with that statement as I am also 47, and in the summer months they really tend to hang. I guess thats why I'm partial to briefs.
jmgg5000 replied to kahnjoe's response:
yea this morning it was 59 outside and windows all open nice cool breeze and my testicals were tight when i took a hot shower they started to hang more and as i walked around house my penis wiggled around as my sac was hanging good, of course soon as i saw my wife naked walking around i got aroused lol but that is good