My Foreskin: Worth > $313
gymrat44 posted:
A recent article out in a medical journal this week advocating circumcision said that on the average a circumcised male saves the health care expenditure $313 for expenses he on the average would have incurred had he been circumcised.

Much of the data for this report was gathered from sources outside the United States and may or may not be applicable to this country. And working with averages can always be difficult. But I do know that I am in my 60s and having had my foreskin with me all this time has yet to cost me anything. But if for some reason I had to pay the powers that be $313 in order to keep it and there was no way around that, I would gladly shell that amount out to keep that part of original factory equipment.

My foreskin is worth more than $313. And I have trouble going along with this study's conclusions.
manhood should be enjoyed, not proven -- gymrat44
An_247002 responded:
I think you meant to say "...$313 for expenses he on the average would have incurred had he been UNcircumcised."

I agree with you. I'm also uncut and never have any medical issue that would cost me even dime.

Majority of men from other parts of the world are also uncut. I don't think it would cost them $313.
gymrat44 replied to An_247002's response:
Hey, thanks An_247002, you're right. I was tired when I made that entry and upon re-reading it I realized that it would take some work on the reader's part to figure out what I had meant -- not the way I like to do things. I appreciate your having made the story clearer.

Apparently there are some STDs and HIV which have a higher incidence among the uncircumcised according to the study and that's where the $313 per capita comes from. But I think that you and many of the other guys will agree that there are ways to prevent STDs and HIV without lopping off a body part without the owner's permission!
manhood should be enjoyed, not proven -- gymrat44