Tantric Sexuality Practice
Jonaman posted:
Hey anyone ever ventured into tantric excersizes? I am just trying it now and feel really good about it. The only issue is, as soon as you try it you want to share it with as many guys as possible.
joe8843 responded:
What is tantric sexuality practice? It would be helpful if someone would explain what this is and what the results are.

gymrat44 replied to joe8843's response:
Tantric sex - done either alone or with a partner - involves a hightened level of mental awareness and sprituality along with development of hightened physical sensation. It can be a long way past 'just getting it off.'

It's both complicated and simple at the same time -- I suggest a web search to find some articles which you'd find interesting as the topic is a little involved to go into detail here.

But it's definitely worth trying if you're interested in shining a flashlight into all the corners of your sexuality.
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