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    What a Great Experience this group has become. The kinship in Brotherhood. There is such a diverse range of topics. This is the place we can be as open as we want to be... Everyone is welcome to join, but it is not a place to Cruise. It's for sharing sexual questions and comments among men.
    tallguy posted:
    How many of you experience this problem? I have an exceptionally high sex drive, but my wife not. I will illustrate this by telling what happened this weekend. Come Friday night - I have a hard-on of note and dying for sex. She holds my dick, but very lackluster so. Just because she has to, kind of effect. I feel hurt, ask what's going on - tells me she is tired, so I turn on my side and go to sleep. Saturday morning - still have a hard-on of note - she's not interested and I feel deeply hurt. Changes my mood for the day. Become moody and quarrelsome - she keeps on asking me WTF and I say/grumble 'nothing'. Saturday night I sulk and turn my back on her - don't allow her to hold or touch me. Can't sleep all night. Hard-on is there but I ignore him. Sunday morning the kids take over the room very early and nothing can happen. My psyche for the day still ruined and in tatters. Sunday night I make an effort to be nice and wait up while she deliberately takes her time to come to bed. Only comes to bed hours later - I am awake, hurt and ignore her. Now I say WTF. The weekend spoiled my usual optimistic approach to life and today I sit in my office angry and disillusioned. If it was only a once-off thing it would have been ok, but it is not - it has become the rule over the past year, so I have taken up beating off in the shower as a rule, but could not even get myself to do that this weekend. I feel plaainly miserable.
    Anon_527 responded:
    Perhaps you and your wife would benefit from couple's therapy. Can you at least discuss this with your wife and come to an understanding?

    I understand, but my situation is reversed. My wonderful wife has a much higher sexual appetite than mine. Over the almost 25 years of marriage we have discussed this and came up with solutions. Mostly I "take care" of her and make sure she is satisfied when I am not in the mood.

    I hope the two of you can work this out together.
    hairyd replied to Anon_527's response:
    I agreed you need professional help. The male has to have the knowledge to make the female ' sexual activity super great. Therefore more than a Hard Dick; is going to make her come to bed early. Way did you stop when she had her hands on your penis.

    What country does your family live? Tallguy , your posting in your office at 3 am Eastern time and also at 1 am
    tallguy replied to hairyd's response:
    Sunny South-Africa!
    hairyd replied to tallguy's response:
    Great place; a hot & sexy place. I enjoyed some great sex in your country.
    You need to teach your lady how to please you. Start by giving her all your energy in bed (and Out of the Bedroom) You need to take control; do not just lay therefore. Do not just show her your 12 inches. Let her feel it, taste it and begging you not to stop putting it in her.

    Sunday morning with the kids is great. But the master bedroom is not the place. There will be sex toys, etc.
    This is the adult's party room. Join them for brunch in the Family Room. After you have showered.
    tallguy replied to hairyd's response:
    That is great and mega humorous! Can visualize it! Had quite a chuckle - you are a very wise and informed person and I always check out your posts! Thanks for the advise - must add that I had an exceptional night with my wife - basically no sleep and doing it repeatedly, listening to great music and just enjoying each other (in all aspects!).

    Think that stress plays a major role in my type of problem - my wife is an attorney, I am an advocate and I am also a part-time Colonel in the SA Defense Force. Work our arses off!! We are together most of the time - day and night - we have a legal practice together. And no, I never tire of her and know that she loves me unconditionally and extremely deeply - I actually don't deserve such a special and beautiful wife - I have many issues, grew up poor, came from an orphanage, but was saved by my brains and looks, got modelling contract and study bursaries to take me out of the dumps, but I have retained a lot of complexes and issues, even after all these years.

    We are an interesting couple - my wife is a beauty from Portugal and I am half German. Makes for a lot of fire-works - I want to be in control (for God's sake I am a Colonel in the Army) and my wife is the biggest feminist ever!!!! Not that I am a chauvinist, but, if we were meant to be same, why do I have a dick and she not!!!?

    So yes, to come to the nitty gritty of it - we are both strong persons and when we don't get our ways, we sulk like crazy and won't budge, to the detriment of the sex life, and I am admittedly an addict!!!!

    But thank you, HairyD, loved your post. and yes, I will TRY to keep the toddler - love of my life - out of the master bedroom - yeah right! It loves Dada too much!
    hairyd replied to tallguy's response:
    tallguy, life is full is humor enjoy it. Sex is the best med for stress. Colonel, the female was creature for the pleasure and the partner of the male. Take control. Suck let crazy

    I know if you modeled your comfortable with your body. If you enjoy group sex you re good at your sexual task.

    Sex must make both the male and female happy. Just as you have to train your toddler. There will be things he will not like. But your in control.
    The same is true for your wife. Take control; if she does want to try a new position. That when your neck tie and belt can be used. Remember she is your partner, not your slave. But the more pleasure she give to you; the more you will want to give her sexual pleasure.

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