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    Naturally produce testosterone
    alantewks posted:
    Is there a way to get the testicles to produce more testosterone naturally. I'm 66 years old, low T. I don't want to use artificial methods.
    21finish responded:
    I'm not a medical type but and a 65 year old and have read a lot on low-T and have seen nothing about this from a responsible source. I think a visit with our doctor is about the only thing we can do to start with.
    regdad responded:
    hi alan... to my knowledge there is nothing that will naturally get your testicles to produce more testosterone. I discovered a few years ago that I have had low-t since I was in my early 20s so that would have been about 26 years ago. No doc ever checked levels then, hell it's tough to get them to do it now. You need to find a GP, urologist that is tuned-in with low-T. I went on testo replacement therapy 5 or 6 years ago and holy cow did my life change. I felt alive, i had energy, I slept better, had a desire for sex, got nice hard erections, built up my muscle mass, you name it - it happened for me.
    See a doc and get tested, make sure they look at your "free" testo score, that is the one that will tell you where you really are at with your level. You have to keep in mind that once you start the therapy you will have to always keep doing it. Once your balls realize you have testo in your body, they will completely stop producing it and also you have to follow your docs instructions to the letter. Also, eventually while being on therapy your balls may ascend some and decrease in size. This is normal, but if you want to maintain your normal ball size, you'll have to use some HCG to restore them. It's easy to use. And your doc will be able to tell you what you need to do.
    And don't let any doc tell you that your testo level is "normal" for a man your age. Why feel your age, when you can feel younger and healthier with some assistance; from the testo therapy that is.
    Good luck - send me a note if you want to talk sometime.
    seattleron replied to regdad's response:
    I am 57 lean 140 5.11. I did the research and started 20 days ago on HGH Fragment 176 - 191 mostly to lose the stubborn abdominal fat that comes with age.

    This peptide sends messages to over ride the bodies pre programed reduction in human growth hormone so more is available. This string of amino acids is targeted for burning abdominal fat (even while I am sleeping. It will even work if I did not adhere to the recommended diet which I have. At first I thought maybe the results I was seeing were from the diet but I am not losing fat anywhere but on my abs.

    I sure would like to be able to communicate with others around my age who are using this peptide. My goal is to to keep going until my ab squeeze is minimal and then add CJC 1295 and hit the gym. That is another peptide that encourages building muscle and shortens the recovery time from a workout.

    I may need to increase my daily dosage. Change for injecting morning to night. Maybe I should be hitting the gym now???

    Since I am an ectomorph (hard wieght gainer)I need to eat eat and all the help I can get to add muscle. My goal is to add 15 pounds of muscle and retain my 32 waist. I never understood the advantages and challenges of my body type until very resent. I think my past efforts at the gym were useless because I was always in fasting mode. My metabolism is way high and need protein and veggies. 6 times a day. gag me.
    TomCornell replied to seattleron's response:
    Proper exercise with a supportive diet will increase your overall feeling of wellness and will slightly increase your testosterone level. It will also guide you to regular sleep patterns which fit hand-in-glove with the exercise program. Those things by themselves will increase your muscle tone and mass and improve your sex life. This has been proven and there are testimonials all over the net to that effect.

    I'm thinking that these diagnoses of "low T" are just a smokescreen to prescribe expensive testosterone replacement therapy, which is like crack because you will be on it for the rest of your life after your body quits making it naturally. I don't see how that is a good thing?

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