Erection at the Doctor's office
An_250190 posted:
I wen't to the dermatologist for the first time to see about possible condylomata acuminata on my penis. Generally I'm not attracted to my doctors but I was stunned how good looking he was as he walked into the room. He asked me to take off my clothes and to put on a gown so he could give me skin a full body exam.

He came back in and was very thorough and rubbed my skin all over my body to feel for moles or other spots. I started to get a semi erection and tried to think of something that might kill it but it didn't work. He then started to exam my penis working his figures around it pinching my foreskin and my testicles too. Not having any control I started to get harder. He froze a few small spots off my penis and I'm thankful there was some pain so the semi erection started to ease. He told me to come back in a month for a checkup

I returned for another treatment and when he asked me to drop my pants I held my penis instead of him and kept from getting hard this time. I guess when someone else is holding it no matter who it you will probably get aroused.
gq12 responded:
Well I've heard of some guys who get embarassed because they get "shrinkage" when they go to the Dr and have to drop their pants. I'd rather get hard and apologize for that (I have had that happen!) than shrink up and feel like I have a tiny penis.