New here
Beholder_of_Justice posted:
Hey guys.

New member here. Found this place when I was doing an internet search for male bonding. I'm a 41 year old homosexual guy, but definitely don't fall in line with the majority of the stereotypes. I have few gay friends and much prefer to hang out with and associate with straight guys. Used to be in a fraternity and played a team sport. Almost joined the Marines at one point as well.

As odd as it may sound, I wasn't involved with those groups for any other purpose than to be one of the guys. That's always was the most inmportant thing to me.

Anyway, looking forward to discussions here.
stev1022 responded:
Welcome to the group..... Hopefully you find some interest here in some of the topics that are discussed..... This is a great group to be a part of.!
An_247002 responded:
Hey beholder, welcome to the group. Hope you enjoying reading and sharing your stories as much as I do. This is a cool place where you can be as open as you want and not be judged. Looking forward to hearing your stories too.