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    What a Great Experience this group has become. The kinship in Brotherhood. There is such a diverse range of topics. This is the place we can be as open as we want to be... Everyone is welcome to join, but it is not a place to Cruise. It's for sharing sexual questions and comments among men.
    I'm wondering what's next
    An_251175 posted:
    I have a friend who, when we get together, often jerk together. We have off and on for years. Sometimes we do it without even talking about it... just start jerking. no big deal.

    Last evening I went over to his new place to help him move some furniture late in the evening. He invited me to get in the hottub after we were finished with a beer. I said I didn't have a suit and he said, no worries, it's dark and the neighbors can't see.
    We went out back, stripped on the sunporch, and got in. We talked about the usual and he talked about how it was his new favorite place to relieve himself. I said that I could really empty out also, so we both began to jerk ourselves. I started talking about how all the jets hitting all over my body actually kinda made it harder to concentrate on my rod, he turned off the jets, slid over and said he knew what would help.

    He quickly poked at and started rubbing my hole and worked a finger in some. It was a little rough at first, but I let him. I think I was a little shocked and turned on at the same time.
    He got a finger in and said that a little prostate massage would do the trick. It was amazing. I came in no time and it felt so powerful, much more powerful than when i do it on my own.
    After I milked myself out and recovered, he said that it was my turn to do his. So I did. He wiggled and moaned and was very verbal in telling me how hard to finger him. After he shot his load and leaned back for a while, we went right back to talking about other things.
    When we were done, he jumped out and got me a towel from the porch. We went inside only wrapped and even walked and sat at his barstools naked afterwards, but it wasn't mentioned any more.
    What should I say? Does this mean he wants to go further with me or just wait and see if he wants to finger me again?
    I don't even know what I would want to do beacuase I really don't have many buddy/friends/guys who I hang out with.
    gymrat44 responded:
    Sounds like you guys had a good time! You've said that you have been jerking together on and off for years so I would think that there is a good deal of trust built up between you two. And it does sound like you have a lasting relationship built on things beyond sexual activities.

    A change of scene and bringing in a new activity could be something exciting, and yes, it could lead to something else, or more of the same -- or, maybe, it was just a one time thing. How would you like things to develop? I think you're in a situation where you might be able to talk with him about it -- or just let things happen as time goes along. Sounds like just letting things happen has worked out pretty well in this case. Good luck!
    manhood should be enjoyed, not proven -- gymrat44
    gq12 replied to gymrat44's response:
    Did you enjoy him doing this and want him to do it again? I'm assuming he enjoyed it since he initialed it and asked you to finger him. I would say though that in water can be tough and using lube is much easier. Next time suggest you take it inside where you canuse lube on each other and if you want to take it further and put something else in there... well you'll have to see how he feels.
    An_251175 responded:
    Thank guys,
    I really had to think about this and was actually a little worried, but like gq asked... I did like it
    He actually asked me to come over this past weekend on Sat evening to help him hang his new tv in the basement... I texted him back and said 'only if we can jump in the hot tub lol', he replied 'cum on over'

    I was actually nervous stomach all the way there. He met me without a shirt on which is completely normal, gave me a beer, and we headed to the basement to hang the tv brackets. We tried it out once working, some porn ofcourse. We both started rubbing ourselves, so I mentioned how much I liked the fingering he gave me before and how powerful the orgasm was. He offered to show me some of his toys (which I didnt know he was so into) and showed me one that he said would be a good beginner for me. He offered to lube me and try it out on me, so I took him up on it. He actually used a few slimmer ones on me, but one blue one that kinda looked like an exagerated thumb was great. He gave it to me and them turned up the vibration. I think he liked it as much as I did, because he kinda coached me. His coaching got me load and I was very vocal when I unloaded. I realized when I came that he was also pullin gon my sac... wow
    I did do him with one after he brought me another beer. He came down the stairs with his rod bouncing. he really got into it, hollering to use it hard. I took it past my nervousness and pulled on his balls too.
    I've just decided to take it as it goes... I think he will always be my bud no matter what, and yes, we did relax in the hot tub afterward. I think that if he would ask be to actually be in him next time... that I would to it. I'm glad I can share this on here, because I dont have any other way to share it and I really need to get it out there. thanks guys
    beckleyguy replied to An_251175's response:
    An_251175, I know how you feel. I also have no way of sharing what I need to get out. No one would understand.
    sonnyp1989 replied to beckleyguy's response:
    I say just be open. We're here to be supporting and nonjudgmental so
    stev1022 replied to sonnyp1989's response:
    Thank you Sonnyp for posting this... I thought the same thing. It seems like lately there has been a lot of criticism thrown out there..... and like you, I thought this was a place where we could share thoughts and feeling without being judged.

    gymrat44 replied to An_251175's response:
    Hey, glad to hear how things progressed for you! As I was saying before, you two have an ongoing trusting relationship which has had its sexual side for some time. Taking things one step at a time, respecting each other and exploring what you can do together to bring each other pleasure sounds like a good way to go. Or, sorry, should I say come.

    Good luck to you both in the days ahead!
    manhood should be enjoyed, not proven -- gymrat44
    An_251175 replied to gymrat44's response:

    I think I'm going over there this weekend, so I'm kinda excited about how things will go... or come
    seattleron replied to An_251175's response:

    This string I enjoyed reading and envy. I have had man anonymous sexual situations with other guys. Most times we did not even know each other name. One time deals. The excitement I can identify with.

    I have thought about a FWB deal but a relationship just for sex does not interest me. It would feel awkward. But a real friend/buddy that we already did non sex things together that evolved to this just happening sounds fun. The hot tub setting or massage trade. Situations where something like this might come up rare.
    hairyd replied to An_251175's response:
    Guys, if you want or love taking a big cock up your sat hole. Make dam sure your bring the latex
    An, I hope you had a rubber on his sex toys; before it was put in your pocket.
    60 minutes of pain / pleasure of your favorite sexual act; is not worth the pain of a lenght death.

    Use proctection and see a doctor often.
    I do not want a rod ramed up my shaft. But each life is valuable; Also I don't want my insurances payment paying your medical bills.
    Sex is the prime motivating factor in any male's life. Like oxygen, it's only important if you're not getting any.
    gq12 replied to An_251175's response:
    So did you go back? Lets hear about what has taken place between you two.

    As for Hairy, his lack of tact not withstanding, you should practie safe sex if it goes there.
    hairyd replied to gq12's response:
    This site is to tell men and females what and how it is.
    If you are going to party on the edge; put on the Condums.
    This site may be read by all ages. Therefore educate not just write a novel true or friction.
    GQ with me when I'm in the heat of sex; there is no tact
    Tell it like it IS>.
    Sex is the prime motivating factor in any male's life. Like oxygen, it's only important if you're not getting any.
    An_251175 replied to gq12's response:
    I did
    Hairy... Thanks for the reminder man! I actually did go prepared just in case.

    My buddy asked me to plan on spending the night on Sat. He wanted to have me help him with some things outside, then he was going to fix a later dinner for us. I picked his favorite beer just incase he didn't have enough

    We put together a canopy thing to put over one area of the back patio with some new outdoor furniture. He joked around about what all he could do with the poles included in the kit and we had a good time. I told him that I had condoms to help with his toys (I thought that was a good way to mention using them on them, though I know he cleans them well... but being safe...)

    He said that maybe I should just use one on my toy and top him. Again, I think the nerves completely washed over me, because I was kinda scared. He asked me if I'd like that and I said that I'd like to try if he would, so we went inside to the basement. He was so good to me... he knew I was nervous, but he has this hot way of talking calmly and then getting all fired up. He had me lube him as he knelt over the foot table in front of the couch. when I was ready to start he said he wanted to turn over so he could see my reaction. I started out easy but I knew I would last long. He knew I wasn't going to last long so he tried to be funny and yell why we hadn't done this earlier, but I finished soon after. After I took off the condom he offered to suck my softening tool and I really liked it.

    We tried to get him in me, but I just couldn't do it at first. still too much. I did actually service him. I had never done that before and I really liked the feel of him in my mouth. I've always wondered what I feel like... soft and hard at the same time. I rubbed his prostate, which I knew he liked and it went well.
    Later in the evening we did get him in me but it wasnt easy. I liked him in there, but I couldnt handle the movement too much. If he moved just a little it was good, but full thrusts were just too much right now. I need to get better at relaxing and taking it. How long does this take? I know he really wants to top me because he kept talking about how he wants to see him in my hairy ass
    We had a long night of fun and slept together too. We did not kiss, but kept it more for fun and release i guess you could say.
    gq12 replied to An_251175's response:
    So I don't know if this was asked ever (I did not see it above), but are either of you married or are you single? Do either of you consider your selved gay, bi or still trying to figure it all out? It sounds like you are having quite the good time together, and as long as no one is getting hurt then there is no reason to stop.
    Let us know if things continue to progress or change due to the level of intimacy.

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