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Young male with libido issues
bikemechanic posted:
I am a 26 yr old male not in a relationship, as of lately I have been having issues with maintaining or achieving an erection. The sexual partners that I have been involved with are not "one night stands", but long term friends with similar want and needs. My issue is that I want to be able to preform and have not been able to. This is tearing me up mentally to the point that I am avoiding sex all together. The desire is there but the fear of not being able to perform is always on my mind. I am feeling like less of a man. Has anyone had this issue so young, and also what can I do to remedy it?
An_251837 responded:
Time to see your doctor.
stevesmw responded:
The issue can be physical, psychological (performance anxiety), or both. How is your erection during solo sex? How long does it take to get an erection? How hard is the erection? How long does it significantly lessen with no stimulation?
If your baseline performance is the same as it was previously, you might be experiencing performance anxiety. Lovemaking is about pleasing your partner and you can do it without a penis.
Your long term friends should be willing to work with you though your issue.
bikemechanic replied to stevesmw's response:
When its solo there are no real issues, it gets hard within a minute of stimulation, is sufficiently hard, and stays that way for around 5 minutes without stimulation.
The performance anxiety sounds to be where most of my research leads but I am having trouble figuring out what to do about it. Its seem like the more it happens the more I think about it and then the more it wont work.
stevesmw replied to bikemechanic's response:
Think about pleasing your partner without your penis. It helps take the pressure off. Intercourse is tough. You worry about giving your partner an orgasm, ejaculating too quickly or losing your erection. Take care of your partner first and then you can concentrate on your pleasure.
thimsellaid responded:
You could be having symptoms of ED, but you should not worry because the disorder is treatable with available treatments. But make sure that you have confirm that indeed you have ED, and only your doctor can make a clear diagnosis. Moreover, ED could be a result of physical or psychological issues; sometimes both. You also have to know the root cause so that you can get the most appropriate treatment.

For more information about ED cures, you may visit this link:
mistergoodbar responded:
If you're able to sustain a hardon for masturbation, then it's the person you're with that's the cause, or you simple need to be with someone who makes you comfortable, unless you're a tightly strung person, I'd say this would be a good time to get high on some weed and just chill.
garretthnatiuk responded:
You are absolutely right when you declare that his inability to obtain and keep an erection at age 27-29 is "abnormal". At this age, most men are all set everyday.

You need to visit a doctor, probably internal medicine and urologist, to identify and find out what is causing this problem.

Teenagers who cannot get and keep a solid erection need medical attention. It could be something serious or something like that simple, but either way he must be evaluated.

ED can be treated with assistance of generic drug named Super P Force . It's available in 100mg doses. This medicine ought to be taken 25-60 minutes just before intercourse, with a maximum dose frequency of once every day.
peter_siddel replied to garretthnatiuk's response:
The Inability to maintain the harder erection in the young age is abnormal and there are various reasons behind this problem. In youth, harder erection is a normal process, but if you can;t then need to consult with professional physician as soon as possible.

Here are the reasons of low libido in young age:-
Hormonal imbalance
Prolonged stress ( prolonged stress may decline the growth of male sex hormones)
Medical problems (vary rare cases especially in the young age)
Obesity (overeating, fast food addiction and poor dieting are also responsible factors to drop down the sex hormones in the young age.)
Genetic problem (Gifted by parents to their children)

Solution :- Immediately consult with only professional urologists.

Medications:- There are many drugs that are strong in nature but having adverse effects. These strong drugs helps young age men to get desired results by beating erectile dysfunction. Edegra is a very safe drug that formulated using sildenafil citrate, "a strong chemical that boost the blood supply".

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