ED Treatment Questions
Anon_2000 posted:
I am presently using Levitra 20 mg for erection issues and it works well for me. I am told that where I live one cannot import R/x drugs into the country as far as I know.

I find that it is quite expensive and I recall that someone on one of the exchanges talked about I think it was called "horny goat weed" which is used for ED as well.

Can someone advise me as to the cost and also the effectiveness of it?
Does one have to take it daily for best results? Can it be taken instead of Levitra and get a rather good erection from just using it by itself? Can someone take additional pills the day before or the day of love making for a better result?

Where do you get this product? From a health food store? Or if by mail what is the site that I would purchase it from? Any info you can advise me of this would be appreciated. Thank you

It may take a while to get back to any answers but I will when I have the time.
stevesmw responded:
Levitra doesn't work very well for me. I was taking horny goat weed for more than a year. It definitely improved my erection but nothing close to rock hard.
I was taking source naturals 1000 mg horny goat weed. Three tablets, twice a day. I was buying at Amazon.com and last time was from Vitacost. The cost would be about $35 a month taken as 6000mg every day.

My HMO just switched to generic Viagra and $1.25 a dose which is a lot cheaper than Levitra. Unfortunately for me it doesn't work any better. I think my solution will be a significant weight lost. I can also recommend source l-citrulline 1000mg which does a good job of boosting your ejaculate.

My situation involves age, bp meds and weight.

I would recommend taking 6000 mg of HGW a day for three weeks and see how you do on it. That dosage is from a clinical trial. You should see results in a few days.
Anon_2000 replied to stevesmw's response:
Thank you for your reply. Ialso have issues with Iinvolves age, bp meds but nop weigt.

If Viagra is now a generic I will give it a try. Cialis does not get me erect.

Thank you again
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pattyb12 responded:
Hello! If Levitra does not work for you, you can try other meds like tadalafil as it works pretty well for ED. If you want meds at lower costs but good in quality you can find a lot over the internet. But watch out for unverified stores as they might not give you the right quality of meds. You may get good info through this link: http://www.tadalafil-20-mg.biz/erectile-dysfunction-info
An_249935 responded:
How come you are not getting erection? Because i read in a blog that Levitra is more stronger than Viagra.

Have you tried Cialis?

And here is that blog link: