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    What a Great Experience this group has become. The kinship in Brotherhood. There is such a diverse range of topics. This is the place we can be as open as we want to be... Everyone is welcome to join, but it is not a place to Cruise. It's for sharing sexual questions and comments among men.
    Walking in on my Son
    gymguygreg posted:
    My 15 year old son and I are at home alone this week while my wife is visiting her sister for a few days. Last night we said good night to each other and each headed off to our rooms. About 15 minutes later I happened to think I needed to tell him I would be home later than usual today and change some dinner plans we had made. I went upstairs, turned the corner to his room and saw him jacking. His door was open since he thought I was in bed and nobody else at home. He was right at the point where he couldn't hold back and he ejaculated. He is one major cummer!

    He saw me standing there and said "This is kind of awkward" but didn't try to hide and didn't seem embarrassed. I said I was sorry and he said "I walked in on you last year so I guess we are even." I told said I hope I didn't ruin your fun." Then I told him what I had gone up to say and then said good night again.

    Back in my room I was thinking about walking in on him. I still think of him as my little boy because he is my youngest. But I wolked in on a nearly full grown man who is as tall as me, getting broad shoulders, has a big package and is getting hairier by the day. Seeing him cum was in no way a turn on for me but it was enlightening. My baby is a sexual being and had a powerful orgasm right in front of my eyes. There are many times when he still relies on good old dad for advice but when it comes to pleasuring himself he is all man.
    john-skpt responded:
    I think that a lot of parents have similar sentiments. My folks could never talk specifically about growing up, puberty, and especially about anything sexual.

    They are happy to see a child grow up healthy and well-adjusted, but it's probably hard to admit that the kids are getting older and eventually breaking the parental bonds.
    shortman_eric responded:
    It's definitely hard to deny that he's a man at that point! Biology doesn't lie at all, though the mental maturity may not be always be in line. Not saying your son isn't, just generalizing for that one. But it definitely creates a change for the relationship between son and father, going more towards man and man who are also son and father.
    Commando14 responded:
    My dad was from the WWII generation where feelings werent talked about and he was somewhat distant most of the time I was growing up. As I have posted previously, the first really out of character experience I had with him was when he gave me the "talk" about puberty, sex, etc. He could not possibly have done a better job of explaining everything to me and knowing now how difficult that must have been for him makes me even prouder to be my father's son. Shortly after our talk, he did walk in on me at about the same point you found your son Greg and his response was similar to yours and for that I am grateful. As my dad aged, he became much more open about sharing feelings and developed a very close relationship with both my brother and I as adult men. He also was one of the most loving grandpas to his three granddaughters that I have ever seen. Speaking from experience, I know it can be an awkward situation but having a dad who handles walking in smoothly like a natural part of being a man definitely makes it a lot easier. As a dad myself, I have just one daughter and she is now a young woman at 19 and, while I reminisce about those days of daddy's little girl, I cherish the relationship I now have with this truly amazing young woman.
    Manjock responded:
    When I was 14 I was masturbating in the garage and my dad walked in just as I shot my load. I was embarrassed and he started to laugh. He said he heard the moans and though i was hurt. H said he was glad I was OK. He would not stop laughing. When I went up stairs he sat me down and said it was OK to masturbate and asked me how long I had been doing it. He said don't worry and that does it too. We have a very open all male household so nudity was not the problem but shooting your load in front of your dad was different.(Embarrassing) I have walked on him since then so I guess we are even. LOL
    All_is_One responded:
    I definitely want to be this open to any future children I might have. I'm probably going to tell them about our sexual nature and all that when they are maybe around 10. I'm sure they'll hear it around that age anyway from schoolmates and its much, much better for children to hear the truth about sexuality, sexual function from their parents rather than children who probably have the slightest clue what sex is, sexuality, gender, etc.
    rob15lov replied to All_is_One's response:
    Very well said.
    rob15lov responded:
    sandalman responded:
    My grandfather helped raise me, and he walked in on me. I nabbed one of his magazines without him knowing it and was in the barn jacking when he walked in on me. I remember being so scared that I almsot couldnt breathe. I felt like my heart was in my head.
    He was great! He said he was sorry for embarrasing me and that he'd be louder next time. ofcourse I was covering up and trying to not look at him. When he saw what I had of his, he gave his package a squeeze and said that was one of his favorite issues and that I could keep it in a safe place in the barn. He told me that i should be wacking off, and that all men do it.
    He actually bought me a few more magazines the following week and left them on my bed for me.
    sonnyp1989 replied to sandalman's response:
    Yea I know what you mean. I was jerking off with a buddy of mine a few years ago when his dad walked in and caught us. I was so scared and embarrassed until he chuckled and everything.
    rob15lov replied to sonnyp1989's response:
    LOL! His Dad sound real cool!! Was this at night at his house, were you both naked in his room or had it just pulled out of your boys briefs or what like? Was Dad also in his underwear for the night around the house when he walked in on you boys playing or what?
    rob15lov replied to sonnyp1989's response:
    Hope you get my reply sometime bro?
    robertchicagoyoga replied to rob15lov's response:
    I agree with you rob15lov on just about everything dad and son bonding
    sonnyp1989 replied to rob15lov's response:
    His dad was really cool. Unfortunately his dad didn't join us but it was at night and he was in a robe lol

    He and my buddy had a really open and great relationship
    cirrus173 replied to sonnyp1989's response:
    I was in 5th grade when I had my first sleep over and went to my buddy's house for the weekend. His parents were divorced so he stayed with his dad. I remember walking in the garage to get a soda out of the cooler and my friends dad was working on his car, nude.

    When I saw him I couldn't help but freeze up, he didn't have a boner or anything but it was still intense to see an adult male cock at the age I was. Why he was nude I have no idea, I just know when I came of that age to masturbate his image came to mind a few times.

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