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Kindly help me
An_241435 posted:
Dear Sir/Madam
Iam suffering from below symptoms from past 4.5 yrs
1. After wake up from bed at early morning
a. Slight shivering in left leg foot to the left leg hand.
b. Slight pain at the outer side of the left testicle and top of the left testicle to the left leg foot.Entire leg and knees are paining.pain is like a heart beat.(How heart beats like that pain comes and goes like a heart beat) and with shivering.
2.If i walk more than 15 to 20 mins, pain increasing at the outer side of the left testicle and top of the left testicle to the left leg foot.Entire leg and knees are paining.
3.If i mastuberate,Iam getting pain after ejaculation and pain and burning sensation while urination. Pain around the testicles and abdomen for a few seconds after ejaculation. After ejaculation, both testicles are moving upwards, right testicle coming back immediately and left testicle takes more time to come down.
4.If sperm comes at the time of dreams, then there was no pain or burning while urination and after ejaculation
5.When i sit for a more time example for more than 30 minutes, iam getting pain at buttocks.
6.Pain and burning sensation at the tip of the penis to the testicles.
For the above symptoms, i met urologist and he suggested me to go for below tests:
Haemotology Test Reports
1.Haemoglobin: 14.7 gr %
2.Total W.B.C Count: 8300 cells/

Serology Test Reports
1.H.I.V : Negative
2.V.D.R.L: Non Reactive
3.Hbs Ag: Negative
4.Random Blood Sugar: 78 mg/dl
5.S.Creatinine: 1.0 mg/dl

Urine Tests
1.Albumin: Absent
2.Sugar: Nil
3.Microscopic Examination: Epithilial Cells: 1-2/HPF

Prostate Specific Antigen:(PSA) Total : 1.4
Ultrasound Scanning:
A.Abdomino-Pelvic Ultrasound Scan
Results:Liver,Gall Bladder,Kidneys,Pancreas,Spleen,Aorta,IVC,Portal,Splenic vein,Bladder are normal
Prostate Volume: 20 cc in size and echogenicity.
No significant abnormality nated.
B. Scortal Doppler Study
Test Results:
Right Testis:4.3x2.5x1.7 cms
Left Testis: 4.2x2.7x1.6 cms
Normal homogenous echoes
No focal lesions
Normal itratesticular arterial pattern
No e/o Hydrocele/Varicocele
Scortal wall appears normal.
No sonologically detectable abnormalities observed.
After seeing these tests, doctor suggested me to take the below medication for 5 days.
1.Pipragram-T 4.5 g injections twice a day,Mikafast 500 mg injections twice a day, buffet 40 mg injections twice a day, Nock-3 tablets twice a day,Hetrazan 100 tablets thrice a day,Contiflo-D tablets once in a day and becospecial tablets once in a day.
After this i got some relax, again i met the same doctor and explained that i have not cured completely.Then he given the below treatment.
1.Clavcure 625 mg twice in a day for 10 days
2.Pantocid DSR twice in ady for 10 days
3.Hetrazan 100 tabs thrice in a day for 3 weeks
4.Nock-3 tabs-twice in a day for 3 weeks &
5. Contiflo-D tabs - once in a day for 3 weeks.
I have started this treatment before 7 days, with this i got some more relief.But Symptoms are still existing.
Finally i want to inform you that one day i have made mastuberation while sitting on the bench.After that day only i got pain in the testicles and one day i made unprotected sex with my girl friend .Due to these reasons only iam facing these symptoms.
After seeing my test results and symptoms ,kindly tell me whether iam having any Sexually transmitted disease or i need to go for any surgery for testiclar pain or whether i have to meet neurologist for nerves pain?
Kindly tell me what is my disease and whom to meet for treatment i.e either Urologist / neurologist/urosurgeon/neuro surgeon?
From 4.5 yrs no doctor was telling what my disease called.I have met till now urologist,Sex specialist and surgeon.
Kindly advise me the right treatment, right doctor and what my disease called?
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Torcal responded:
No one can diagnose you by computer. What did the Urologist, sex therapist and surgeon have to say?

If you feel the need to spend as much time as you did writing your inquiry, it tells me that you have decided at some level that your medical treatment has not been the best. You need to see a new doctor and, before you see him, have every doctor you have dealt with send the guy full copies of your medical records.

Good Luck.

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