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cat allergies and migraines
An_205036 posted:
Can a cat allergy trigger migraines? Our daughter age 21 has had severe migraines since puberty. They are generally triggered by stress, light, noise, or perfume and now heat. We have noticed that the only time she was migraine free was when she lived in Monterey by the ocean and gave up her cat due to allergies. She is also allergic to pollen. She has been treated at Stanford University Hospital as well as other migraine specialists. She reseceives some relief from topomax and pain medications. Now she lives in San Antonio in the heat with a cat. Do you think there is some relationship between her allergies and her now almost daily migraines. She is very reluctant to give up the cat. Thank you.
Timothy Collins, MD responded:
Its hard to say if the allergy to cats is contributing to her headaches. This is pretty uncommon, but there are some tests an Allergist can do to figure this out. There may be treatments to decrease the level of her allergic reaction to cats as well.

Its also possible that there is something else in San Antonio that is different from Monterey that is making her worse as well.