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topamax haze
penguie posted:
I recently started taking topamax as a preventative for my migraines. I have been on it for over a month now and am still experiencing a fuzz or haze to my thinking and brain function it seems. Some days I jsut feel completely STUPID! It is getting difficult as I have started a new job as a MRI tech and feel as though I am struggling to adjust to the new protocols and locale. Part of me wonders if it is due to this topomax fuzz as I have always excelled and have great scanning and multitasking skills required for the job.I just wonder if I should consider going off the medication although I am thinking it might actually be helping some although it has only been about a month. I feel in a difficult place: its hard to function with the high frequency of migraines but it is hard to work in a haze of clouded stupidity feeling. I can get past the tingling toes and fingers but this is becoming aggravating.

Is this a side effect that tends to go away with time or is it one I should expect to persist?
Bianca_Thompson responded:
I was on topamax for a short time, I stopped it because the side effects were to much for me. Generally the dopey feeling you get with drugs tend to go away after awhile. I find that another drug Midrin works just as well as topamax and had less side effects, at least for me.
allie_bf responded:
I gave Topamax 4 months before quitting it due to other side effects (i.e. an increase in asthma symptoms/wheezing,) but I never did get over the dopey feeling. I've heard it subsides in some people, but I would have only given it about another 2-3 months anyway. The metallic taste in my mouth and tingling in my hands that interfered with driving didn't help much either.
Timothy Collins, MD responded:
This is a pretty good description of the mental side effects of topamax. I haven't seen this get better in patients that stay on the medication. If it is helping with the headaches, a lower dose will decrease the side effect.

If it is not working for the headaches, you probably need to try another medication.
carpetcrawler5 responded:
Midrin is not really a preventative,but an abortive. It shouldn't be taken a lot because it can cause rebounds, partly because it contains Tylenol.
leesa1121 responded:
I have been taking Topomax for many many years. It has saved my life when it comes to the migraines. I started with them in my early 20s, Im now 40. It was the only medication that worked. It does make me feel mentally slow, stupid. Ive learned to adjust.

In the last 2 months Ive asked my doctor to switch me off. Ive been getting back my migraines after I run. Strange. She switches me to Atenol, did not work, then it was Verapamil. This did not work I have had it. This has been the worst summer yet with migraines. Im back on the Topomax (Dopomax) because I do not know what else to do. And it looks like Im going to have to give up running. My dcts. can not figure out why I get the migraines after each run. I would love to use another medication but WHAT ELSE is there????
carpetcrawler5 replied to leesa1121's response:
Wear ice around your head when you run. If that doesn't work, try swimming. You don't get overheated when you swim.

Get Techni-ice and cut it into strips and wrap them in bandanas and freeze them. You can tie them around your head and neck if you get hot.

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