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Extreme Menstruel cramps
deb2285 posted:
My 13 year old is doubled over in pain every month with horrible period cramps. Does anyone know what to do with a girl that young?
allie_bf responded:
Moderate exercise will help a lot, but she will probably need encouragement to stay physically active when she is feeling so bad. Using a hot pad will help, too. With kids, it's usually best to limit medications, but if she can't tolerate the cramping, you could check with her pediatrician to see what would be the next step.
carpetcrawler5 responded:
Does Aleve or Ibuprofen help? That's the only thing that helps mine.
Timothy Collins, MD responded:
I have patients that have menstrual cramps that are that bad. There are some treatments for them. Either your family MD or an OB/GYN MD can talk with you and your daughter about them.