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headache during push ups
gibley posted:
I have been doing 90-100 push ups five times a week for about two years now. Just started getting intense throbbing headaches starting at the back of the neck and ending up in the eye toward the end of the routine. They last for a few hours, the first hour being the worst. I drink tons of water daily, I am healthy, 47, blood pressure at doctors office ok. Used to get the same headaches 20+ years ago when bench pressing. I focus on my breathing, breathing but still get them. They can be pretty intense, throbbing with pulse, sometimes in the front of the neck also.
Timothy Collins, MD responded:
Does this headache happen with any other type of exercise? If you get the same headache with other types of exercise, it could be an "Exertional MIgraine".

If the headache is only with push ups and bench press, there may be a mild problem in your neck (like arthritis) that is causing or triggering the pain. It doesn't sound particularly serious, but is something that you could talk with a headache specialist or a neurologist about.